I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Pablo Ruiz, the man and his ministry.

Pablo and I first met  in 2002 in Chile and have remained strongly connected.  Since that time I have watched him steadily grow into a man of spiritual wisdom and ministerial effectiveness.  Today, he and his wife Katie oversee an amazing and multifaceted international itinerant ministry.

The “anointing” on Pablo’s life is a blessing to everyone it touches.  I have watched him minister effectively in many different settings.  Whether to tens, hundreds or thousands, individuals always receive from the Lord as if they were the only one in the room!  He has a great preaching and teaching gift but more importantly he has a great heart.  He is a man of character.

I have also ministered ‘with’ Pablo on many occasions.  He has both the humility of a great servant and the courage of a great leader.  Having served as my assistant pastor for several years, I can tell you Pablo is a great team player and one who makes others shine brighter.  He is diligent finisher– I never found a job too big for him to tackle.

The best thing I can say about Pablo Ruiz is that he is a true friend.  He is a sincere lover of God and people and will always leave something good wherever the Lord uses him.  His wife and family only reinforce that fact.  I trust him completely and assure you he will treat any opportunity to minister for the Lord with the highest honor and integrity.

Thank you for considering the man and ministry of Pablo Ruiz.  You won’t be disappointed!

Rocky Veach, Pastor, Connections Churches President, T.O.R.CH. Ministries

Nance & I have known Pablo & Katie Ruiz for some 7 years. In this time we have had many opportunities to witness this couple in action  –  ministering the word, dealing with difficult people & situations & have witnessed the humility & honour in serving their senior pastor.

Honestly we couldn’t think of anyone we would rather have to train our leaders than Pablo & Katie.   Pablo ministers the word of God with a powerful anointing. He ministers to difficult people firmly & with great love & authority, only wanting the best possible solution for all concerned.

Training Leadership is his speciality & we have seen the results of his effect on many.
Katie is a sheer delight and is ‘the woman behind the man” !

Dr. Steve & Dr. Carmen Lynne
(Senior Pastors, Global Connections Church, AB, Canada)

We recently had Pastors Pablo and Katie Ruiz minister in our church.

They had come to us highly recommended. We were fully satisfied with their ministry.

We had them minister a full Saturday format (10:00am – 5:00pm) to our leadership team. They taught from their ITC (Immersion Training Center) curriculum on the topic of Spirit Led Servanthood! We then had them minister to our church congregation in our three Sunday services.

They have wonderful hearts of honour and servanthood which gave their teaching great impact and impartation. We felt honoured and built up as pastors and saw our people receive a greater revelation of the unique importance of Spirit empowered service in the local church.

Our people were inspired and refreshed in the benefits of serving God in the local church. Many of our leaders commented on the added desire they have now to serve God. I can see that our leadership team and congregation have been equipped to move forward in local church Servanthood.

Pastor Pablo and Katie minister with a passion for God, a freshness of revelation, and an inspirational empowerment of the Holy Spirit. I was aware that they not only ministered from their gifts but were evidently led by God’s Spirit and anointing.

The ministry seemed to be specifically tailored for our church. It seemed as if they had been with us for weeks to get to know our needs. The prophetic clarity in the Ruiz’s ministry allowed them to quickly get to the core of our people’s needs.

The personal prophecies were amazingly accurate and ministered in a humble and mature fashion. I saw that their style was relevant and Spirit inspired.

We were impressed by the depth of Word teaching and the sound doctrinal position of their teachings.

Pastor Pablo was willing to consult with us in church growth strategies (in the area of organizational management for growth). He was sparing and humble in his approach to consulting. However, if he was asked to explain principles, he was very capable and knowledgeable to share wonderful principles with us. It is clear that Pablo has had extensive experience in strategic preparation of systems for church growth and leadership.

We would have no hesitation receiving Pastor Pablo and Katie’s ministry in our lives and our church in the future.

For any further information about the effectiveness of their ministry and the humility of presentation please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Steven & Dr. Carmen Lynne


It is my pleasure to recommend Pablo Ruiz for any ministry opportunity that you may have or need in your church or organization whether it is a special service or training seminar. Over the last year I have personally seen and experienced Pablo in action not just as an itinerant minister, but one who worked along side my staff and I.  Having heard of his heart for the local church and a compassion for the needed help that a pastor requires, we brought him on staff in a temporary position to model, mentor and train other leaders in the work of the ministry here at Harvest Church.  His keen insight, fresh ideas, and willingness to work had an immediate impact on the church.  

Pablo has fine-tuned a seminar style class that he calls “ITC” for the purpose of educating and developing the heart of servant. We received great feedback from the people who participated in the class and many were encouraged by the teachings.  Pablo has a special eye for things that need to be done and carries a rare understanding that is transferred in not only his teaching but his actions as well.  His faithfulness, excellence, servant heart and dependability are proven characteristics that cause him to stand out wherever he is.  

I place great confidence in his ability to genuinely care and minister the word of God to others.  His lifestyle and walk with the Lord is an example to other believers and his enthusiasm will definitely affect others.  I know that he will make a great impact wherever he may be involved in life and ministry.

If I can be of further assistance or answer any other questions about Pablo feel free to contact my office at 806-798-7770

Pastor Bracken Christian
Senior pastor and Founder  Harvest Church

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